set up your own git repository with Qtcreator on Ubuntu 12.04 server

I followed this instruction
Since I am the only developer, I simplified the process a lot. Here are the steps:
1. make sure git has been installed by checking

$ which git

or install it by typing:

$ sudo apt-get install git-core

2. create your git folder on ubuntu server 12.04

$ cd
$ mkdir git
$ cd git
$ mkdir project1.git
$ cd project1.git
$ git --bare init

3. on the local computer where you develop programs, type

# on local computer
$ cd myproject
$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'initial commit'
$ git remote add origin
$ git push origin master

4. on the local computer I develop programs in Qtcreator. After the above steps, git remote repository is already set and thus future operations can be committed to the remote server.

git under Qtcreator

git under Qtcreator

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