Real time cloud based hydraulic fracture monitoring for real

Came across a ppt slide showing some company is doing real time hydraulic fracture monitoring using cloud service. I think it is a neat technique all service companies can have, not just Schlumberger or Halliburton.

Background information:
(1) hydraulic fracturing is a technique to pump high pressurized fluid into petroleum reservoir to enhance oil recovery and at the same time reduce cost
(2) cloud technique is the computing facility offering the horsepower for data crunching and delivering processed results to terminals such as a desktop in a remote office or a smartphone in a manager’s pocket.
(3) the combination of the two enables geoscientists and managers in all scale enterprise to make real time decisions to assist field operations. Time and money are significantly reduced. Thousand hours or days of CPU time is no longer the privilege of a few rich corporations.

Two slides are here:

cloud based realtime hydraulic fracture monitoring

cloud based realtime hydraulic fracture monitoring

The original ppt is here

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