The 12th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery. Oxford, UK

Just got back from this conference and want to summarize it up. It is a great conference in the sense of

1. providing a larger picture for a geophysicist who only focuses on reservoir modeling from the perspective of seismology. People who handle seismic imaging of reservoir should deliver attributes or facies to others. Do not process data for the sake of processing. Make sense out of it, i.e., structure and property. Reservoir engineers are very much interested in heterogeneity of permeability and the impact on fluid flow. Seismic folks please give them a multi-dimensional, multi-variant, multi-scale heterogeneous model of permeability conditioned to all well data and seismic faceis. They will appreciate it. Because they can now (a) simulate multiple phases fluid flow in the reservoir; (b) fine tune the permeability by matching the history data (history matching); (c) make decision to drill the next borehole; and so many other things we seismologist never cared about.

2. holding at the perfect location and weather.  Oxford of Unite Kingdom of September is a really charming county. Trees are green, sky are blue, people are academic and you think what a wonderful world. I like the streets, the old college buildings, the church, the castle, the Costa Coffee store.  How I wish to became a pupil here.

I should have much more to say about this conference. Anyway, leave it till next post updating.

Reservoir engineers are very much in